Our insurance carrier is a direct primary company. We have a $3,000,000.00 policy which includes commercial general liability, wrongful repo, on hook, drive away and garage keepers. Your collateral is completely covered from the time we take possession until the vehicle is picked up from our storage lot.

Security is of the utmost importance to us. Professionally installed and maintained ADT security covers our entire lot and office space 24/7 with night vision. Our cameras are also rated for court usage as evidence, should the need arise.

Even though we do a complete background check and drug test on all of our employees, we still have a $1,000,000.00 dishonesty bond, per occurence, in order to keep you fully covered against any unforeseen incident. We also maintain a $50,000.00 surety bond and have an excellent business credit rating with Dunn and Bradstreet.

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